Indian Friends of 3GPP

hosting 3GPP meetings in India since 2014


Given below are a list of presentations made by experts at various IF3 sponsored events.

3GPP delivering the 5G promise by Mr. Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO & Head of 3GPP MCC
23 Mar, 2018

5G Core Network in 3GPP CT: Enabling Integration & Transformation by Mr. Georg Mayer, Chairman TSG Core Networks & Terminals
23 Mar, 2018

3GPP Broadband Communication Applied to New Sectors by Mr. Eric Guttman, Chairman TSG Services & Systems Aspects
Mar 23, 2018

4G Evolution and 5G Innovation by Mr. Hu Nan, 3GPP RAN2 Vice Chairman

NR: 3GPP’s answer to 5G radio requirements by Balazs Bertenyi, Chairman, TSG RAN