Indian Friends of 3GPP

hosting 3GPP meetings in India since 2014

About Us

The Indian Friends of 3GPP (IF3) is a collaborative activity amongst member companies having a 3GPP based business in India. It has been formed to collectively host 3GPP meetings of relevance to India, within India, and to do so in a manner that is cost effective, efficient, and which meets with the expectations of the 3GPP community. By seeking to arrange and fund meetings in accessible locations with the support of the active members of 3GPP in India, the Indian Friends of 3GPP has been created to reduce the financial and administrative burdens on individual companies, thereby enabling more organizations to contribute and ensuring a broader representation.

COAI, a Market Representation Partner (MRP) of 3GPP, hosts the secretariat of this collaboration activity. Their prime responsibility lies in assisting IF3 members pursue their purpose by administratively supporting the activity.

IF3 is now part of 5G India Forum (5GIF).