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All 3GPP meetings for rest of 2020 converted to e-Meetings

On 18 May 2020, the 3GPP TSG and Working Group chairs notified the community that all 2020 meetings will now be planned as e-meetings, by default. As a result, all the IF3 hosted meetings in India in 2H2020 also stand cancelled and will be converted to e-Meetings. The details of these e-Meetings shall be communicated by 3GPP in due course of time.

The main 3GPP plenary meetings in 2H2020 are also covered by this decision:  

  • TSGs#89 CT/RAN/SA; week of Monday 14 September 2020.
  • TSGs#90 CT/RAN/SA; week of Monday 7 December 2020.

This decision will allow all 3GPP groups to plan their e-meetings around the plenary weeks in 2020:

In their emails to the groups, the TSG chairs expressed optimism for the re-commencement of face-to-face meetings, but advised that if the circumstances improve to the extent that physical meetings can be resumed, meeting announcements and invitations must be sent out no later than 8 weeks ahead of the meeting start date.

All groups can now plan for the second half of the year, assuming that meetings will be held remotely, but with a process in place that would allow the leadership to bring the work back to physical meetings – with that 8 week period of notice – when the situation allows.

IF3 hosted 3GPP Meetings in India is in the links below: